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Notorious Gamblers

Notorious gamblers and gambling addiction

Notorious Gambler and Gambling Addiction – Cliche vs. Reality

Notorious gamblers and gambling addiction: No wonder gambling can be addictive. When things go well, you go home with a big win. If not, then after a few defeats, the urge to get the money back increases by simply continuing to gamble. The concept of the notorious gambler uses a few clichés – dark arcades, sleepless nights, and illegal machinations. But how does it look in reality? Do the clichés match reality, or is the world of gambling more appearance than reality?

Notorious Gamblers and Gambling Addiction

We give you information about what gambling addiction means and list well-known actors who bear the name of the notorious gambler.

Definition of a notorious gambler – What is that actually? 

Definition of a notorious gambler

Behind the term, the notorious gambler is the adjective “notorious”, which means “habitually” or “constantly”. The term is derived from the Latin word “notus”, which is translated as “known”. The term is also often associated with negative characteristics and habits. For example, the term “notorious liar” is used to describe a person for whom lying is a habit and, in bad cases, becomes a compulsion or disease – similar to a notorious gambler. If the gaming behavior of a notorious gambler is very pronounced, it can lead to a gambling addiction, especially when playing games of chance. For some more, for others less – but one thing is clear: Affected people do not easily get out of the gambling addiction on their own.

How can notorious gamblers become addicted to gambling?

Risk, thrill, money – these are all attributes associated with gambling. But what about addiction? In general, addiction can arise as a result of physical, psychological, and social factors. Psychological factors play a key role in gambling addiction. Notorious gamblers often have a compulsive urge to gamble. This arises from the conditioning of the reward system in the brain. The reward system in the brain, the so-called limbic system, is responsible for the release of the messenger substance dopamine, which is responsible for our emotional behavior and well-being. When gambling, there is an increased release of dopamine. Those affected by a gambling addiction experience a state of happiness, similar to drug use, that they want to hold on to and become dependent on as a result. This is how the weekly buddy meeting in the arcade becomes a daily routine. Without professional help possibly a never-ending vicious circle.

These actors belong to the group of gambling addicts

We often forget that even the stars and starlets in their seemingly perfect world have to struggle with similar problems and challenges as we average citizens. After all, we are all human. The topic of gambling addiction is also widespread in Hollywood and behind world-famous actors such as Leonardo DiCaprio or Charlie Sheen, there are successful gamblers who like to gamble away their fortunes on poker and co. It’s only to be hoped that the aforementioned actors have gotten to grips with their love of gambling over the years. However, one thing is certain: reality does not always look the way we know it from casinos in Hollywood films. And the often serious consequences, such as loss of money, are swept under the table in most cases.

Tobey Maguire – The Spiderman star becomes a poker sinner

Spiderman star Tobey Maguire took part in a multi-million dollar poker tournament in 2011 and was subsequently sued by his poker peers. Bradley Ruderman, a hedge fund manager who was subsequently sentenced to 8 years in prison, was one of those participants. Ruderman lost $300,000 to Maguire, which actually belonged to his investors. According to reports, the hedge fund manager then complained about the actor’s ill-gotten gains and demanded his repayment. The actor, who was involved in unlicensed poker games, then returned $80,000 of his illegal winnings and assured the court that he had no knowledge of the hedge fund manager’s machinations. Rumor has it that Tobey Maguire learned poker from a pro and then played in numerous tournaments in New York and Los Angeles. The actor has also won the World Series of Poker.

Ben Affleck’s gambling addiction

Ben Affleck's

You think the stars under the celebrity sky already have everything you could wish for and yet they still put their millions into illegal poker rounds doomed to fail. So does Ben Affleck. The mega Hollywood star lost $400,000 in a secret poker tournament in Tinseltown. The money went to Universal Studios Hollywood President Ron Meyer. As a result, Ben Affleck has already starred in a Hollywood strip about illegal activities and their consequences in the world of gambling. Whether the actor has learned from it remains to be hoped. Because even celebrities fight with their own demons. The actor was admitted to a rehab clinic in 2001 because of his gambling addiction and alcohol addiction. Today Ben Affleck is at large again and appears to have recovered. And even in love things are going well with the mega-star: alongside Jennifer Lopez, the actor seems happier than ever.

Leonardo DiCaprio and his love of gambling

Another candidate on our list is Leonardo DiCaprio. The  Titanic protagonist regularly visits casinos and arcades around the world. The actor also likes to put six-figure sums of money in the winning pot. With success, which the actor demonstrated at the casino opening in Macau.

Charlie Sheen’s guilty pleasure

Charlie Sheen’s “guilty pleasure” isn’t just about booze, women, and parties, as the actor proves in the sitcom flick Two and a Half Man. In real life, too, the megastar has often caused a stir in the press and media with his lifestyle. Because one of Sheen’s hobbies is gambling of any kind. As a notorious gambler, the “Two and a Half Man” star gambled away up to $20,000 a week on various games of chance. The actor’s gambling addiction remained under wraps for a long time, until his ex-wife Denise Richards revealed his love for gambling and published private information.

 Hugh Jackman the lottery king

Despite millions of credits on the account, the “Les Misérables” star just can’t help it. Again and again, the actor succumbs to his love of playing the lottery. In an interview with BamS, the actor reveals: “It’s a kind of addiction, I just can’t go to a newspaper shop and fill out a lottery ticket.” Jackman has invested more than $200,000 in lottery tickets in recent years. And for what? Probably more for the fun of the game – because a jackpot was not in it yet.

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