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The most popular gambling games

Most Popular Gambling Games from all over World

Gambling in different countries

Poker, roulette, and blackjack are Popular Gambling Games – that’s how the world plays. Wrong thought, in movies and books we are often told that these games of chance are the most popular. But in reality, it looks very different. Every country has very different preferences when it comes to gambling. We will show you which games of chance are most popular in the individual countries and dive into the casino world of the gambling countries.

In China, luck and skill are the order of the day

Macau is Asia’s Popular Gambling Games and overtook Las Vegas a few years ago. It’s no wonder that gambling is so popular in Asia, as it has a tradition going back decades. By far the oldest and most popular gambling game in China is mahjong. It enjoys great popularity even though betting on it is prohibited. Yet it is played there in secret and wagered on. The game Pai Gow, which is reminiscent of dominoes, is also very popular. Mahjong and Pai Gow originated in China, while the number three most popular gambling game goes to Baccarat, a European card game. In general, card games are very popular in Asia. In all of these games, it is also noticeable that Asians prefer games of chance that are not just about luck,

Not poker and blackjack – that’s how the Americans really play Popular Gambling Games

However, for Americans, the most Popular Gambling Games are very different, they prefer pure gambling. This is why bingo tops the list of the most popular games of chance in the United States. This is followed by Keno, which is a combination of lottery and bingo. The wheel of fortune takes third place, followed by roulette and craps. Only in sixth place comes a card game, namely blackjack. For years, the film industry gave us the wrong image of a typical American casino, because the Americans don’t like playing poker as much as we thought.

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Germans love numbers


The Germans’ favorite is clearly Lotto. There is a lottery acceptance point on every corner – no wonder because it is the most popular game of chance in Germany. Closely followed by sports betting. And what do Germans particularly like to bet on? Clearly on her favorite sport – football. Blackjack is the third most popular game of chance, and other card games are also very popular in Germany. It is noticeable that all games of chance focus on numbers, be it the lottery numbers, the result of the soccer game, or the number 21 in blackjack. Germans seem to love numbers.

Great Britain – Top the bet!

Bookmakers are very Popular Gambling Games with the British. There is nothing that is not bet on. In addition to the classic sports bets, they also bet on the royal baby names or the color of the Queen’s hat. In every shopping street, you will find at least one bookmaker. The British are real gamblers. One of the reasons for this is that gambling has a long tradition in England. But not only do the English love to bet, but the Irish are also big gamblers. In Ireland, however, people are crazy about horse betting. The luck of the Irish lies in their horses. Many of the Irish horses are the big winners of the races. But the Irish also have a penchant for the lottery.

That’s how the French play


France is the gambling nation in Europe. The world’s most famous games of chance are said to have originated in France. Roulette, blackjack, and baccarat are said to have originated in France. So who is surprised that exactly these games are also the most popular there? The undefeated favorite of the French is, of course, French roulette. Followed by baccarat, which is commonly played in chemin de fer and banque variants.

The most Popular Gambling Games in Switzerland

Even if Switzerland is very close to Germany, their favorite games of online gambling casino could not be more different. The Swiss are gifted poker players, their most popular poker variant is Caribbean Stud Poker. In this variant, you do not play against other players, but against the dealer. The second most popular gambling game is craps. This American dice game is a simplified version of the European game Hazard.

Conclusion – This is how the world really plays Popular Gambling Games

The countries listed above show how diverse the gambling world is. Every country has different gambling preferences. It is noticeable that the classic casino games shown in films and television do not necessarily correspond to reality. Although the classics roulette, poker, blackjack & Co can be found in every casino, they are not necessarily the most popular.

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