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Gambling addiction

Gambling Addiction: This is what happens in your Body

Gambling addiction: This is what happens in your body

During gambling, we feel joy: colorful lights, a good mood, and money win. But what happens to our bodies while we gamble? And what effects can pathological gambling, also known as gambling addiction, have on our bodies and minds? And what is Target Audience of Gambling?

This is how your body reacts while gambling

In gambling addiction, the brain subordinates itself to the altered reward system. During the game, more and more messenger substances have been released that trigger or increase feelings of happiness. In addition, the nerve cells are more pronounced and strong connections are formed between nerve cells.

Once the addict gambles, feelings of happiness, like dopamine, are triggered. A wave of joy and contentment flows through the body. This is referred to as a high.

After some time, the reward system blunts, requiring a higher dose to continue inducing happiness. This means that the addict has to gamble more and invest more and more money to get the same effect. If the reward system is not addressed or Gambling Losses, the addict will go into a down, and a feeling of despondency, anxiety and depression will take hold.

In order to be able to escape the negative feelings, a gambling addiction develops.

Psychological Consequences of Gambling addiction:

Unfortunately, psychological conditions such as depressive moods, fears, panic attacks, and insomnia are part of the everyday life of a gambling addict.

Gambling addiction

Personality changes often occur and those affected lose their sense of reality. Personal interests, social contacts, and work lose relevance.

Most of them lose their jobs after a while. The reason for this is concentration and performance disorders, as well as the constant urge to gamble.

Unfortunately, gambling addicts have an increased risk of suicide. They usually have the feeling of having failed everything and can no longer feel pleasure.

The majority of gambling addicts attempt liquor, tobacco, narcotics, and medication with an interconnected risk of dependence. This intensifies or expands the symptoms mentioned above.

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Physical Consequences of Gambling addiction:

Gambling addiction affects not only the psyche but also the body.

Gambling addiction

Affected people often complain about extreme sweating, sexual disorders, and trembling hands. Another side effect can be loss of appetite. As a result, gambling addicts eat less and less and lose a lot of weight, so the body is even weaker than it already is.

According to studies, more than half of all gambling addicts are addicted to alcohol. As a result, the addicts often also suffer from liver diseases. Inflammation in the gastrointestinal tract and cancer can also be possible consequences.

The cardiovascular system can also be affected, leading to high blood pressure or cardiac arrhythmias. It can also lead to nerve damage in the brain.

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