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Crazy gambling stories from around the world

Crazy gambling stories from around the world

Crazy gambling stories from around the world

Crazy gambling stories from around the world: The most unbelievable things happen in the casino again and again. Joy and sorrow are close together. From the gambler who bets his entire fortune and doubles it, to a winner who is afraid of getting rich, to just missing out on winning a million. We have unearthed the most exciting and unusual casino stories for you. Because life sometimes writes the most bizarre stories.

Generous Winners

A Dortmunder who won 9.1 million euros in the lottery became the generous winner. He could have lived a carefree life with it. But the idea of ​​being a millionaire scared him so much that he decided to donate the money. Together with the lottery company, he founded a social foundation.

It was similar for a 64-year-old Canadian who won the equivalent of 28 million euros. A heartbreaking story – in gratitude for the loving care he gave to his wife who died of cancer, he donated the entire amount to the Canadian Cancer Association and local health organizations.

Crazy gambling stories from around the world

The most unbelievable casino records

One of the crazy records includes the smallest casino in the world that has no fixed address. The casino is located on the streets of London at the back of a taxi. The Grosvenor Casino consists of a dealer, a gaming table, a bar, and a television. A visit to this casino is guaranteed to be an unforgettable experience.

The longest poker game has also made it into the Guinness Book of Records. Poker player Phil Laak took up poker 80 hours straight. It ended up being a whole 115 hours and without any stimulants, he didn’t even drink coffee.

An old lady’s lucky streak was also record-breaking. Patricia Demauro tries her luck at craps in Atlantic City. In this game, if you roll a 7, you lose. Any other number is rolled again. So she rolled and rolled and still has the world record with an unbelievable 154 rolls. The probability of this lucky streak is unbelievable, it is 1,000 times more likely to be struck by lightning. However, it is not known how much the successful lady won.

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Unlucky of a special kind in gambling

In addition to all the records, there are also numerous unlucky people who just missed out on a win. There was, among other things, a Canadian who cost 19 million for 7 seconds. He placed his ticket at a lottery machine that had a slow connection. The tip arrived a full 7 seconds after the acceptance deadline. The lottery company did not recognize the technical error and did not pay out the “winning”. The man sued for the profit and was ultimately left with 100,000 euros in legal costs.

The following story is also hard to believe. Here a woman hit the jackpot and ended up in jail less than 24 hours later. A native of Mexico won $1,200. When she wanted to cash out the winnings, she pulled out her Arizona driver’s license to identify herself. However, the casino operator asked for a passport, which she then presented the next day. She was then arrested because she appeared to be an illegal immigrant.

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Crazy gambling stories from around the world

Another unlucky man was a nice young American who let an elderly lady in the lottery line. Which sounds nice ended up costing him the jackpot. In America, it is common for the lottery numbers to be chosen at random for the players. Thus, the lady got the numbers of the young man and won the equivalent of 430 million euros. Of course, the friendly man got nothing.

Brit bets fortune on red at the roulette

One of the crazy gambling stories from around the world; A crazy Brit named Ashley Revell sold everything he owned. Which gave him an amount of $135,300. He bet this on red at roulette in a casino in Las Vegas. He thus took the full risk, either double or nothing. His odds of winning were 48% and he actually won. Ashley Revell doubled his bet and immediately stopped playing. That’s one lucky guy.

Don Johnson – a real fortune teller

A famous gambler is a singer and Miami Vice actor Don Johnson. He is a gifted blackjack player who has won incredible amounts in various casinos. His total winnings amounted to 19 million US dollars. There was even a suspicion that illegal methods could be involved. However, nothing could ever be proven against him. It’s probably a combination of skill, passion, and a lot of luck.

Escape to the mountains after winning millions

In New Jersey, a man won the equivalent of 3.4 million euros. He made no secret of his win, so the news spread like wildfire. More and more new and old “friends” contacted him and wanted to share his wealth. He saw no other way out and emigrated. He created his new home in a remote mountain hut, far away from unpleasant acquaintances who were just out for his money.

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