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Audience of Gambling

Target Audience of Gambling

Target Audience of Gambling

The audience of Gambling, What does a typical gambler look like? We clarify this question below. We take a look at age, gender, earnings, and much more. We also look at whether the target groups of online casinos, sports betting, and traditional casinos differ. Take a look behind the scenes of the gambling industry and get to know your target groups.

Online casinos, sports betting & casinos

First of all, online casinos, sports betting providers, and casinos all offer the game of luck, but their target groups differ. Online casinos appeal to those people who have experience in dealing with computers and the like, as well as people who want to play comfortably from home or on the go. This is why you tend to find young and middle-aged people here, mostly between the ages of 21 and 45. Older adults (46 to 65 years) tend to use the Internet less frequently to gamble.

Online casinos

In sports betting, the target group is much more specific. Here the gambling offer is mainly aimed at sports fans, which means that the target group is much smaller. The most popular sport to bet on is soccer. A typical betting fan is therefore a young to a middle-aged man.

The target group also differs greatly among the casinos themselves. If the casino is located in an area that is teeming with tourists, then the casino will focus on this target group. The casino will not appear quite as noble and will scale down the dress code a bit. Casinos in a luxury hotel would never do this though, they will maintain their standards. The location and equipment of the casino always have an influence on the intended target group. A well-placed casino certainly has a lot of walk-in customers who drop by rather unplanned. The regular customers in particular offer a secure foothold.


Development of the Target Audience of Gambling group

The gambling sector used to be divided into two areas. Wealthy businessmen and members of the upper class gambled in casinos, while ordinary people frequented slot-machine-filled arcades. Back then, women were seen more as beautiful accessories and lucky charms, while men won the money. A woman at the gaming table was a real rarity. But the online casinos have broken through this structure. In the meantime, the target group has changed significantly. A wide audience is addressed, with all strata of society having the opportunity to take part in gambling.

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Which gender gambles more?

Even if games of chance are no longer just for men, women are more reserved about playing with luck because they are less willing to take risks than men. In order to lure women into the casinos anyway, the operators rely on special offers for women. “Ladies Nights” are offered regularly, where women can discover the casino with free entry and free drinks.

Yet many more men gamble. The typical gambler is male (68%) and between 25 and 44 years old. On average, women only start playing 10 years later. Men are much more willing to take risks and generally gamble more often and also use larger amounts of money. The average income of gamblers is also interesting. Around 34% of players earn up to €1,000 a month and 36% up to €1,800 net.

Players with problem gambling behavior

gambling Problems

Around 1% of 16-70-year-old Malaysians, Indonesians and Germans show problematic or even pathological gambling behavior. 80% of men are affected and “only” 20% of women. This is partly due to the fact that significantly fewer women take part in gambling. Psychologically, too, men are much more at risk of developing a gambling addiction. You are always looking for new challenges and want to prove yourself. In doing so, they are more willing to take risks, with the thrill of the game increasing the willingness to take risks.

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